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Who we are

We’re a proven solution providing the most up-to-date and accurate labor wage data so
that companies, large and small, can make the right decision. PeopleTicker is more than
a tool, we’re a best practice.

Start Tracking the Jobs You Need

We track jobs and skills not available anywhere else.


Stop losing talent by relying on
outdated wage data. Get real-time,
global compensation data that works as
fast as you do. Top talent won't wait,
you need easily accessible and
validated wage data to secure the best
talent for cutting-edge jobs.

Contingent & Salary

We tackle both contingent wages and
full time compensation separately to
provide exclusive, accurate and up-to-
date wage data for businesses building
an agile workforce. PeopleTicker gives
you the right price data anywhere, so
you can make the best hiring decisions
for your business.


Access data validated by
compensation experts around the
world and leverage their regional
insights to maximize your human

Wages for any job,

Want to know the bill rate for an SQL Database Architect in Bucharest? How about the pay rate for a Drilling Engineer in the Papua New Guinea? Choose from 160 countries and PeopleTicker will equip you with accurate and real-time wage data.

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Our library taxonomy
offers hundreds of
thousands of jobs & skills

Go beyond Job Title. The PeopleTicker recognizes skill based job roles. Finally, instead of settling for “Software Developer” you can access roles based on skills such as Python, ABAP, React.js, others. Build your job library based on the skills you need.

Still Using Salary Surveys
and Conducting RFP’s ?

Traditional means of accessing wage labor data are dying. Basing your hiring decisions off of inaccurate and out-dated data costs your company time, money, opportunity, and peace of mind.

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What People Are Saying

From recruiters at small businesses all the way to executives at Fortune 500
companies, PeopleTicker empowers teams and individuals to solve compensation. Don’t
just take our word for it, ask these compensation leaders:

"One way that companies can get better insights is by partnering with talent solutions who are already aggregating talent supply data, such as pay rate, bill rate for contingent talent, market demand by skills and location average time to fill for roles, hard-to-fill and high-cost indicators, and competition for the same skills. Providers such as PeopleTicker offer detailed information and benchmarks across numerous markets around the world, so employers can develop their business with a clear view of the supply of talent."
"Comparing your pay rates to market intelligence available through PeopleTicker, other Internet resources and your staffing partners is one way to spot rates that may lag or exceed market conditions and competitors"

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