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Hourly & Annual job searches
Statutory Cost/Negotiation Wizard
Rate Card Map View
Rate Card refresh/Market update
SOW Tools
Instant Access to Released Countries
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Where you can use PeopleTicker

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  • India
  • France
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Where do you get the data from?

We have over 200 million data points which encompass both non-public and public data. Our non-public data are from sources that are proprietary and confidential with non-disclosures in place. We compile pay rate data; markup data; bill rate data and salary data. At this time we also have over 1900+ public/private feeds coming in globally and that number is growing. The data is reviewed for validity by our expert analysts.

See our Data page for more details.

How often is the data refreshed?

Data is fed daily and average updates are every 48 hours.

Why should I subscribe to the Country Library?

The Country Library provides your team the ability to search your specific job roles within that country and search freely with without limits. This approach allows your team access to the entire country for research and analytical work. Your team will have access to all locations available in those countries, access to both contingent and salary data research options and access to all Markup Worksheets and SOW Worksheets

Why should I subscribe to the Enterprise level?

You will have the ability to benchmark Jobs in multiple locations while accessing our Negotiation Wizard, which contributes insight into staffing markups while providing you the information needed to leverage your contingent labor spend. Our SOW Cost Estimator allows you to look at the cost of the labor element for your project SOW needs. If you need assistance with job descriptions that are not robust, we will answer any questions. We will be there to assist you and provide hands on service through email, phone calls and video conference; 24 hours a day.

How do I get this approved?

Savings and ROI can be found across all company business units inclusive of procurement and human resources. It will aid you in knowledge-based data for retention of current quality talent. PeopleTicker has the data, and the experts, with unique and valuable insights into labor markets to generate savings for your company.

How will I learn to use the PeopleTicker?

Our staff of compensation analyst will help you via video conference and one-on-one assistance. We will schedule a session to review the PeopleTicker and run through some sample job Jobs with you. You also have access to both our user manual and "Tips and Tricks" guide.

Is there anything else I'll have access to in addition to my market rate card results?

You will have access to our exclusive Negotiation Wizard, boosting your negotiating power by analyzing fixed and variable costs; and use of the Project (SOW) Cost Estimator to build project teams by forecasting labor costs. Our Executive Dashboard provides you with news feeds by Industry and displays trending data. You will view rate changes in real time while organizing and grouping rate card results by location and/or categories for faster results.

What does "free set up" mean?

Upon sign up you will be contacted by your personal rate analyst to walk you through the PeopleTicker application.

Where can I get access?

One you are registered; you will have immediate access.

Can I switch out user access?

User access can easily be changed by disabling and enabling.

Is there a time commitment to the subscriptions?

PeopleTicker subscriptions are contracted on an annual basis.

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

We're available from 8:30am-6:00pm. Call 1.844.887.5501 or email Subscribed customers will have an assigned rate analyst that will provide 24/7 support.