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Create your Job Library to access market Salary and Contingent data. PeopleTicker is the industry’s only web-based, real-time rate and salary benchmarking tool for full-time and contingent compensation - We help you make the right hiring decisions!

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For Human Resources, your Job Library replaces salary surveys with real-time base salary data specific to an industry and geography.

For Procurement and Staffing, your Job Library addresses spend, savings, quality, retention, and time to fill by understanding market
Pay Rates, Markups, and Bill Rates

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in 160 countries

PeopleTicker’s job taxonomy tracks in excess of 500,000 job titles covering highly specific and granular skill sets globally. Your Job Library is your key to access the compensation data you need anywhere you need it so you can make decisions that move your workforce forward.

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We track jobs and skills not available anywhere else.


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  • PeopleTicker data is validated by professionals.
  • PeopleTicker is an award winning solution for both Human Resources and Procurement professionals.
  • PeopleTicker data has been proven across multiple satisfied customers.

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Every Enterprise customer gets hands-on support from our team of experienced Compensation Analysts so that they can feel confident and maximize your success. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you build your compensation strategy.

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