2016 in Review: The Contingent Labor Market

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Posted in Blog by Chrissy Dooley
Wed Dec 28 2016



As the US Bureau of Labor recently reported, around 40% of the current workforce consists of contingent workers. In fact, 18% of the average company’s workforce is contingent. At PeopleTicker, we analyze the landscape of hiring and employment and rely on data to tell the story. We then take it one step further by comparing that data to vetted, real-time sourced data from real people in real jobs all over the world.


Lessons we learned in 2016 about the #contingent labor market and how they will help us in 2017:


The past year has introduced amazing strides in creating the workforce we see today. From mobile apps to freelancing entrepreneurs, the next few years will undoubtedly bring about unprecedented challenges and standards.

As with most organizations around this time, we’re looking back at our 2016 discoveries. There have been many lessons to learn and techniques to apply, so let’s dive in with our latest whitepaper! Download your review of the 2016 contingent labor market



What trends are you predicting for the coming new year? Chat with us! @PeopleTicker 

Download your copy of the review now.

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