What is a Job Library?

Quickly and easily gather all your job information and organize it in
one place with a Job Library.

Start building your Job Library

Every library provides access to both annual base salaries as well as contingent data including pay rates, markups, and bill rates. Everything you need to make smart decisions regarding your workforce.

Step 1

Add / Upload
your jobs.

Start by adding jobs to your library. You
can upload a spreadsheet or select from our global skills-based taxonomy.

Step 2

your job library

Complete the check-out process to
start your subscription. You can
add and remove jobs at anytime
during your subscription.

Step 3

Log into your

Check email for your new credentials
to log into your PeopleTicker.com
account and start getting answers

How would this benefit you?

Would you know if your workforce were at risk of leaving for a competitor? Not finding the skills or jobs you need?
Are you deciding between contractors or employees? PeopleTicker assists with this analysis and more so that you can have the right team at the right price.


The lag time for surveys and RFP responses is costing your company money and opportunity. With PeopleTicker, your market data is updating every month showing you current market pricing so that you can make decisions based on today’s


Get the data you have been
missing. Access skill sets and job
titles not found anywhere else.


Leverage market data to show savings and retention opportunities.
Compare salary market versus
contingent market to capture the best
candidates at the right price.

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