We Collect Data No One
Else Has

We collect data from multiple sources for the most comprehensive view of the labor market available. Then we validate our results with local experts around the world.

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We parse and organize data into our global job taxonomy based on industry, skill set, and location.

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Data Validation & Display

The PeopleTicker recruits, vets, trains, and compensates working professionals around the world to validate our labor market results. We call this team the Skills Village. They’re the peer review element of the PeopleTicker data science process that ensures that the data you’re seeing is accurate.

The PeopleTicker updates itself like a stock ticker showing you trends and opportunities.

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Our Partnering Programs


Validators confirm or challenge market rates and salaries produced by the PeopleTicker compensation platform that have been produced for specific Industry, Job Family, Job Role and Location parameters.


Ambassadors are individuals with a proven track record in Human Resources, Compensation, or Procurement labor. They represent excellence in the country and industry they oversee.

Data Partner

Data Partners are hand selected from around the world based upon industry, experience, and deep domain knowledge.

Staffing Partner

Staffing Partners Skills Village Recruiting Partners are a true testament to the accuracy of the PeopleTicker and they stand by their ability to procure resources at the rates published.

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