Our Enterprise services are available to any sized company and any sized project.

Whether you’re a global enterprise, a major corporation, or an entrepreneurial startup, PeopleTicker Enterprise services and analytics transform benchmarks and trends into strategic insights so you can attract and retain key talent for your organization.

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Our Compensation
Analysts Save You
Time & Money

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting! Whether it’s 50 jobs or 500, an assigned Compensation Analyst will collect, analyze, and adapt all your company’s job information for a PeopleTicker Job Library. A custom Job Library will be generated, complete with your standardized job titles and job descriptions, and categorized by location, industry, and more.

Critical Insights,
Expert Analysts

PeopleTicker provides actionable data generated from extensive, hands-on research. Our Compensation Analysts examine supply and demand, demographic and psychographic data, and other key factors necessary for comparing labor markets.

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Exclusive access to
validated data in
over 160 countries.

Enterprise customers gain exclusive access to jobs and locations
not available to any other type of PeopleTicker subscriber allowing
you to compare rates in even more markets around the world and
to identify optimal locations for deployment of personnel.

PeopleTicker decodes the job market for you and your team

The PeopleTicker team maps your job titles and descriptions to our global taxonomy.
Your team uses the jobs and titles they are familiar with.


Your job library provides access to
both annual base salaries as well as
contingent data including pay rates,
markups, and bill rates so you can
compensate effectively.


The PeopleTicker will train your
users to work with the solution
in alignment with Leadership
goals and processes.


Your Leadership team is trained and educated on how to use PeopleTicker data and services most effectively.

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