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Data and analytics have become a way of life. Whether it is our use of the internet, how we drive, or how we like to shop, data and patterns are monitored and tracked. Shouldn’t you have the same insights into your labor category?

With the Ticker, PeopleTicker’s proprietary rate intelligence platform, Procurement, Human Resource, and Information Technology professionals have access to intelligent insights that not only present market rate benchmarking, but also provides direct access to information that drives prescriptive behavior to efficiently manage the costs of internal and external talent.

Since 2014, PeopleTicker has been operating as an independent compensation software company. In the fast-paced human capital technology sector, PeopleTicker has established its presence as both a market leader and an innovator. Our extensive expertise with salary and contingent labor categories along with hands-on experience of global labor markets, make us the trusted partner of many of the world’s leading companies.

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Why We Are Different

Total Workforce Visibility – While many compensation software company’s focus on the salary or Full-time Equivalent (FTE) population, very few address the specialization and nuances of sourcing non-employee labor. Our data sets are presented for both FTE and non-employee engagements.

Global Expertise – As global organizations become more-and-more connected, there is a growing need for transparency and visibility into their global workforce. Our mature datasets ensure you have local market insight and knowledge.

Real-time Benchmarking – The historical model for collecting compensation data has come by way of survey collection. Our approach has broken-the-mold in that we have built a proprietary model leveraging machine learning and auto-collection to assemble our data models. These models are then approved through an expert validation process by our Skills Village community.

Cost Management – Managing a non-employee workforce has many challenges. In addition to the elements of supply-and-demand, complexities exist with the landscape of suppliers. With each supplier maintaining its own cost structure, the need for price standardization and margin management are critical to achieving price competitiveness. Our worksheets and cost management tools provide the answers needed to for proactive pricing negotiations.

Who Do We Partner With

Enterprise/Direct - Whether you’re a global enterprise, a major corporation, or an entrepreneurial startup, PeopleTicker Enterprise services and analytics transform benchmarks and trends into strategic insights so you can attract and retain key talent for your organization. Our tool supports your team or function with direct access to real-time salary and/or contingent labor rates.

Service Providers – Many of the leading global consulting and staffing firms utilize our data as the baseline for ensuring alignment with current market rates. If you are deploying traditional temporary staff augmentation, Statement-of-Work, Independent Contractors or bench resources we provide the rate benchmarking for a variety of employment types.

Professionals – Individual Sourcing or Recruiting professional’s turn to PeopleTicker for the answer to their questions. If you are trying to determine an annual salary in a given local or if the bill rate your Supplier is proposing is too high or low, we have the answer through our online Job Store.

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Customers and employees must have absolute faith in the product and the information it provides.

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Empowers our customers with unbiased facts and unparalled insights to give them the competitive edge. Foster an appetite for active learning, and always question conventional thinking.

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Real-time is more than a buzzword – it's our work ethic. Whether you're working with clients or databases, the difference between gold and silver is a fraction of a second.

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Our clients succeed when we make them smarter and more effective. This demands a commitment to generate revenue and grow profits through technical excellence and extraordinary service.


There's always more data, better sources, or smarter solutions. Be alert for changes to surrounding systems, and constantly seek ways to improve results for our clients.