Here at PeopleTicker, we eat, breathe and sleep contingent workforce data and compensation. But...we know not everyone else does. Especially not you, compensation and workforce data is just one part of your job, whether you’re an HR professional or a procurement and operations guru.

However, since we consider our (literal) job to bring you the latest in trends in these overlapping and ever changing areas, we decided to check in and see which content is really resonating with you this year. In 2017, we’ve posted countless articles, Did You Know? Factoids, our templates and printables and even a few white papers. We’ve been busy opening up survey data in countries like the Philippines, Sweden, and Singapore. We even created the Private Index.


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Phew! But with all that growth and activity, here are the articles you loved and clicked on the most. Didn’t see them? Now’s your chance to get a peek into some of the most insightful research and data around workforce spend, contingent workforce, procurement challenges and more!

How to Cut Costs in Procurement's Largest Spend Category

People sometimes associate the role of procurement with ordering equipment or purchasing office supplies.These functions are often referred to as direct procurement. What's often overlooked is indirect procurement, which is where the contingent workforce costs fall and just so happen to be procurement’s largest spend category. In this post, you’ll get advice on how to cut costs so that more money can be spent internally. Read on!


Navigating the Minimum Wage Changes in 2017

It takes a lot to prepare for wage increases or decreases in the workplace. And, it can be detrimental for those companies who choose to not properly prepare. Make sure you’re not one of them by reading this post. You’ll also see how PeopleTicker can help you manage your salary and hourly compensation rates.


5 Factors That Drive the Contingent Workforce

With the rise of the contingent workforce, we see many businesses incorporating different strategies to put a program into place. The benefits of the digital age have given employers, and employees alike, the ability to connect and transform the workforce at a rapid pace. Take a look at this post and get the information you need to start a contingent workforce program.


Procurement's Biggest Challenges: SOLVED!

Whether you work in procurement or want to offer assistance to your team, this list of challenges and solutions are a great reference to keep in your back pocket. Make your next budget the most strategic and seamless one yet!



How to Create a Global Compensation Plan

With the right plan in place, navigating global compensation efficiently is within your grasp. Follow these quick tips to begin building a better approach to managing your multinational company’s compensation package.




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