Do you know labor rates or salaries in a particular industry or location? Would you like to earn additional income for sharing your knowledge? Join our community! It’s called SkillsVillage and supports PeopleTicker, the leading global salary and contingent labor rate tool with over 100,000 job titles in 130 countries.

We are looking for local experts from around the world to provide insight into current market conditions regarding wages, salaries, taxes, and other labor related costs. Company specific data is NOT what we are looking for, only validation of standard industry pay rates and salaries. If you recruit, hire, or procure labor, we are interested in YOUR opinions. 

Earn cash, rewards and commission by participating as little or as much as you want. Most of our members have a full time job, but are excited by the opportunity to work independently with us too.

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Your partnership is key to ensuring that our compensation information is the most accurate data on the planet. Thanks for your continued support. 

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Cynthia Biro, Global Director,  SkillsVillage (a PeopleTicker company)