Seasonal Hiring Isn’t Just for the Holidays

Seasonal hiring, a term historically associated with retail sales associates around the Christmas holiday, has now become a year-round enterprise. Employers in information technology, hospitality, transportation and financial services routinely hire seasonal staff to accommodate peak business periods.  Each month brings a variety of short-term or part-time opportunities for seasonal workers such as Ski Instructor, Election staff, Construction, National Park Service and Golf Caddy.


Seasonal hiring isn't just for the holidays. Each month brings a variety of short-term opportunities:


Retailers hired nearly 750,000 part-time, seasonal workers in 2016 to accommodate the Christmas holiday season. This industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years as the result of e-commerce. Call center workers, shipping and transportation workers and merchandise package handlers required for order fulfillment are constantly in high-demand to keep up with the 24/7 shopping experience that the internet offers. In fact, the most in-demand seasonal job of 2016 was Delivery Truck Driver, a clear result of the increase in shopping online.  


Can you guess what the most in-demand job of 2016 was during the holidays? 


As soon as the Christmas holiday is over, tax and accounting firms get to work preparing for tax filing season. The hiring of seasonal workers begins in late Fall to accommodate the January to May influx of activity for Accountants, Tax Preparers and office staff. One major tax preparer reportedly hires 80,000 seasonal workers each year between January and April, the majority who completed the company’s income tax course in September in order to meet eligibility requirements. And as April 15th approaches, the U.S. Postal Service increases their workforce as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Summer jobs, popular with students and teachers, brings a huge boost to the travel and hospitality industry. Fall jobs offer employment to farm workers and Halloween related industries. The cycle for seasonal workers is constant, shifting focus every month. The competition for skilled talent that can deliver quality service, with little ramp-up time, has encouraged highly competitive wages. As the job market continues to tighten and peak seasons approach, the variables that go into hiring seasonal workers can be complex. At PeopleTicker, we understand the challenges with hiring a seasonal workforce and trying to determine competitive wages and compensation. Our software takes into account the “busy seasons” to provide an accurate reflection of current market rates for seasonal staff in 16 industries. 

Compensate competitively for every job in every season with our compensation plan below: