Santa Deserves a Raise…

A 2014 article concluded that if Santa Claus was paid for the work he does, he'd earn around $140,000 annually. We at the PeopleTicker felt that salary was way too low so we did our own analysis to determine a fair salary for one of the most sought after jobs worldwide. Our global SkillsVillage validated the salary data we came up with and the results are in...

Do you think $140,000 annually is a fair salary for the jolly ol' Saint Nick? Read these analytics:


PeopleTicker estimates Santa Claus' annual salary to be $1 million to $2.5 million. This is comparable to the $2 million base salary of both the Apple CEO and Goldman Sachs CEO.  

Compare that to comedian and actor Kevin Hart, Forbes highest paid comedian of 2016, who is in negotiations with Disney to star as Santa Claus in a new Christmas family comedy called “Dashing Through The Snow.” Due to a wildly successful stand-up comedy tour, starring in films such as "Secret Life of Pets," paid appearances and endorsements, Hart earned over $80 million in 2016 bringing his total net worth to $128 million. 

Santa Claus may deserve a raise, but he’d certainly never ask for one. If you ask any adult or child why he does it, the answer is always the same: Santa is motivated by the magic of the holiday season. Seeing the hope and happiness he brings to all gives him a feeling of satisfaction that money could never provide.

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