PeopleTicker, the global standard for real-time market labor rate data and MBO Partners®, the nation’s largest provider of business services for the independent workforce, announced today a partnership to provide MBO’s enterprise clients and independent professionals with direct access to PeopleTicker’s third party labor rate information.

PeopleTicker's award-winning rate and benchmarking solution will integrate with the MBO product suite, providing instant access to rates as well as detailed analytics to drive overall savings and workforce planning. As part of the partnership, PeopleTicker will provide market rate data for MBO customers to compare labor rates and mark-ups for direct sourcing vs staff augmentation.

Such transparency removes friction in direct engagements, allowing clients to easily determine how much they should pay for top independent talent, and allows talent real time market rate information to help them best evaluate how to price their services.

“We are very excited to work with MBO Partners to bring a new level of transparency to direct engagement pricing,” said Joseph Musacchio, Chief Executive Officer of PeopleTicker. “Similarly, independent talent will have access to the data to help set and maintain appropriate bill rate opportunities based on our neutral third party market data.”

MBO Partners is the first organization to marry direct sourcing with an enterprise-grade solution, creating the industry’s first truly complete direct sourcing program. It combines their Preferred Talent Network, MBO Connect®, with enterprise-grade compliance and engagement services. Direct sourcing is a process designed to enable and speed the engagement of skilled external labor by maximizing independent workforce talent identification and engagement while reducing supply chain costs.

“The growing trend of enterprise programs designed to directly attract, curate and engage independent talent is delivering huge value to large enterprises and the professional workforce alike,” said Gene Zaino, CEO of MBO Partners. “Partnering with PeopleTicker to offer market rate data to both independents and our clients helps deliver on our mission to make it safe and easy for independent professionals and their clients to do business together.”