PeopleTicker™, the global standard for real-time salary and temporary labor wage data, announced the expansion of its global operations across Asia-Pacific with the addition of compensation data for China, Singapore, and South Korea.

This latest development allows PeopleTicker to meet the growing demand for current compensation information, verified by local industry experts to ensure accuracy. Employers in East Asia will benefit from increased savings in their largest spend category – labor – by determining how they compete for talent in today's quickly changing market.

“PeopleTicker is proud to now offer our award-winning compensation data for the Asia-Pacific region," said PeopleTicker CEO Joseph Musacchio. “As we continue to localize around the world we are very happy to welcome new members of the PeopleTicker family. Our international growth relies on both proprietary data technology and people that provide local business leadership. This combination enables us to deliver the most accurate and current compensation data on the planet. We are delighted to work with high caliber professionals like Daisy Liao in our SkillsVillage validation community.”

Daisy Liao, SkillsVillage Ambassador for China, said, "My involvement in the expansion across China was simple, review the wage data provided by PeopleTicker and validate for accuracy. As a Lead Recruiter in Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China, my job is to know these rates. That is why PeopleTicker is such a powerful tool. By offering global verification at a local level, hiring managers, HR and procurement can understand local wages for every country regardless of where they are geographically located."

With this latest release, PeopleTicker™ will now provide contingent labor rates and direct salaries in fifteen countries including the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


About PeopleTicker: 
PeopleTicker is the global standard for independent compensation rate and benchmarking data. Strengthened by more than 18 years of wage research, its data management and analytics are unmatched in the industry. By combining big data aggregation with crowd-based validation through its SkillsVillage ecosystem of experts, PeopleTicker provides the most accurate and current compensation information available in the market today. To learn how your salaries and contingent rates compare to market, download our app PeopleTicker - Salary and Hourly Rates and then create your own Private Labor Index.