Balancing Labor Spend with Candidate Quality 

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Please join us for this informative webinar to look at the intersection of innovative technologies and effective business processes to help companies reduce labor spend while enabling sustained delivery of top contingent talent. Labor costs are generally the highest indirect spend category for most CPOs. Yet cost is not the only factor when addressing labor spend. Candidate quality, time to fill open assignments, and worker retention also play important roles. 


In this webinar, Mike Zimmer, CPO for PeopleTicker will discuss the factors needed to balance these competing goals and the growing need for relevant market rate data to support business decisions in the acquisition and retention of contingent labor.  In addition, PeopleTicker is pleased to welcome David Feldman, Director of Global Contingent Workforce for Monsanto to share his story about the evolution of Monsanto’s contingent workforce strategies. David will address the business challenges, internal process changes, best practices using PeopleTicker’s rate software, and business results.