PeopleTicker, currently in 11 countries is the leader in compensation data. This valuable daily report will assist Human Resources, Procurement Professionals, Hiring Managers and job seekers find relevant information about current compensation news and trends. Designed for today’s fast paced business environment, subscribers will receive a daily knowledge update about relevant news in a “Did You Know” format delivered via email.

"The on-demand workforce is changing how organizations manage their labor spend. Every customer we talk to is integrating some type of project based work into their labor budget. Companies need the ability to price a flexible workforce and optimize their blend of direct salaried employees in addition to their contingent workers," stated Joseph Musacchio, CEO, PeopleTicker. "We see a need in the market for current wage information whether its salary or contingent in order to meet market supply and demand requirements. In addition, companies require data about facts and costs related to compensation, labor markets, jobs and trends," added Musacchio.

DID YOU KNOW? In 2016 the labor rate of a contractor averaged 65% higher than the salary of a direct employee for a 6 month assignment… in 1990 it was 35%.

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PeopleTicker provides Market Intelligence to Human Resources professionals and Procurement teams helping organizations benchmark their existing suppliers, and design more cost effective new programs that maximize both full time regular and contingent labor spend. As the need for skilled labor increases throughout the world, companies need to know “how much” when hiring or procuring new talent. Annual salary survey technology is ineffective in providing true compensation market rates that take into account changes in employment demand by geography or industry. By combining big data aggregation with crowd-based validation through its SkillsVillage eco-system of experts, PeopleTicker provides the most accurate and current compensation information available in the market today.