New York, NY (PRWEB) August 17, 2016

Joberate’s unique analytics platform scores people’s job seeking activities by analyzing their Social Media metadata, and can now also include rich compensation analyses and historical spend data.

Joberate®, a unique analytics platform that scores people’s job seeking activities by analyzing their Social Media metadata, has partnered with PeopleTicker for Labor Rate and Benchmarking data. As part of a broader workforce supply-side analytics initiative, this relationship with PeopleTicker also enables Joberate to leverage rich compensation analyses and historical spend data.

Joberate’s platform fuels evidence-based recruiting and talent flight risk decisions, and delivers a more accurate picture of employee engagement. J-Score®, which is a simple objective analytic that measures a person’s or a company’s job seeking activities, opens up an entirely new labor market paradigm in the same way that FICO® reinvented financial services. Organizations can leverage Joberate’s toolkit to conduct lightning fast searches across all publicly available Social Media metadata to identify top talent with pinpoint accuracy, while Joberate’s Insights™ platform helps companies better understand the job seeking activities of their own employees.

“By making PeopleTicker's breakthrough ‘how much’ pricing technology an integral part of Joberate’s analytics offering, they have created a clear differentiator between themselves and their competitors,” says John Sculley, Chairman, PeopleTicker. 

PeopleTicker eliminates the need for compensation analysis teams to research historical spend data, competitive job postings, government data and many other sources.

“As organizations become more dependent on HR analytics and behavioral data, they are increasingly struggling with disparate data information overload,” said Joseph Musacchio, CEO of PeopleTicker. Musacchio continued, “A Joberate/PeopleTicker alliance allows companies to get integrated answers to questions of ‘how much,’ ‘where,’ and ‘why,’ representing a big step forward for the Global workforce industry and should be closely followed.”

As Joberate continues to develop and innovate technology that helps society better understand the job seeking activities of the global workforce, PeopleTicker’s historical spend data and compensation analyses can provide additional insights in to the global talent marketplace.

“Joberate’s platform enables clients to conduct lightning-fast, and pinpoint accurate, searches across our global people directory of more than 330 million people with a unique J-Score,” said Michael Beygelman, Joberate co-founder and CEO. Beygelman added, ” We look forward to our partnership with PeopleTicker, which adds detailed labor rate and salary information to our data set, so our clients can understand macro and micro labor market supply and cost data, at a very granular level.”


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About Joberate

Joberate® is a unique analytics platform that translates people’s job seeking activities into a simple metric called J-Score®, by analyzing their Social Media metadata. The company’s platform fuels evidence-based recruiting, employee engagement, retention, outplacement, succession planning, and many other talent-related decisions that span from HR to Investment Banking and M&A. Joberate was a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 North America award in 2016, and also won the 2014 iTalent technology competition.


About PeopleTicker

PeopleTicker, is the global standard for neutral market rate compensation data. Strengthened by over 15 years of wage research, our data management and analytics are unmatched in the industry today. Procurement, HR, and SOW Project leaders using PeopleTicker are empowered with knowledge to take control of negotiations and effectively manage their labor spend.