Fighting for $50K

A labor movement is under way, Fight for $50. The goal is simple: expand entry-level training opportunities for jobs that provide American workers with the skills needed to earn middle-class incomes.  

With rampant worker shortages in both the blue collar and white collar markets, companies are focused on bridging the talent gap through workforce training and the creation of "new collar" jobs.


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Currently, there are 5.5 million national job openings, half of which pay approximately $50,000 a year and don’t require a university degree. So why are nearly two million long-term, unemployed Americans still looking for work in addition to the millions of underemployed workers? Fight for $50 believes, "to get a good job, you need a first job."  

In an effort to encourage the Americans workforce to expand their skills, the Job Creators Network, a national nonprofit business advocacy organization, launched the Fight for $50. The organization is calling on legislators to protect entry-level jobs that offer employees valuable experience while earning a decent living wage. The campaign emphasizes the importance of skills training for American workers by allowing them to fill the millions of available $50,000 careers that don't require a degree. Jobs such as Police Officers, Electricians, Medical and Lab Technicians, Paralegals, Plumbers and Firefighters not only prepare the workforce for the jobs of today, but develop them professionally for a future of high-paying careers.   

Stagnant wages have remained a top priority for the U.S. as half of millennials currently earn less than their parents did at the same age (based on wage reports and inflation rates). Wage growth is a top priority for the Trump administration as well as cash-strapped Americans. 

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