A 2014 article concluded that if Santa Claus was paid for the work he does, he'd earn around $140,000 annually. We at the PeopleTicker thought that salary sounded too low so we did our own analysis to determine a fair salary. Now we need your help, our SkillsVillage, to validate the annual salary for one of the most sought after jobs worldwide.

If you could guess Santa's annual salary, what would it be? @PeopleTicker did some number crunching:

Skills Shortage

Santa Claus is a combination CEO, Role Model, Operations Manager, HR Director, Therapist, Toy Designer and much more. He's a good listener (just ask the kids), a great leader, an innovative toy maker and accomplished equestrian (Rudolph can attest to this). And although his days of making toys are long over, he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves as the big day approaches.   

Santa Claus is like the president... of the world 

Whether you call him Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or Sinterklaas his message is the same: spreading holiday love and cheer (and loads of presents). Santa Claus is probably the most famous person in the entire world and should be compensated accordingly.  But with intense fame comes a lack of autonomy. Going out in public without a disguise is strictly forbidden and speaking to anyone outside of the North Pole is grounds for dismissal.   

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Factor in outrageous perks 

Amazing chalet in the North Pole, first-class travel around the world, award-winning chef, thousands of helpers to assist day or night. Best of all, you can kiss that gym membership goodbye.  

Skill set:  

a.       Toy maker – previous experience is a MUST

b.       HR – management of large (elf) workforce

c.       Procurement – experience purchasing large quantities of goods and services is required  

d.       Recruiting - must have experience recruiting high volume temporary staff. Thorough understanding of labor laws pertaining to seasonal hiring, specifically the “gig worker” elves brought in to prepare for the holiday rush.  

e.       Management - Ability to motivate workforce, multi-task, perform well under stress, make tough decisions.  

f.        Operations - post office, toy production facilities

g.       Therapist – good listener, set realistic gift expectations

h.       Veterinarian – reindeer health and welfare expertise