History of staffing continued... Imagine what it was like to be a recruiter in the early days without the use of computers, email, cell phones or internet.

Recruiting offices overflowed with filing cabinets full of manila folders, organized by index cards sorted alphabetically, listing which one a resume was stored in. Every resume had to be copied from the original, which was either typed up or mailed. Resumes were submitted to the hiring manager by hand delivering directly to the client or fax, a tedious process that took approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

The process a recruiter followed to source candidates was pretty standard:Check your availability listGo to other recruiters and have them check their availability listsIf nobody had candidates, go the file cabinet for that skill and pull out as many resumes as you could findCall every resume until you secure enough qualified candidates to submit for the job.It was all about developing relationships and constantly farming your stable of good viable candidates. The sense of urgency had to be extreme and any recruiter that didn’t feel pressured ALL of the time because he/she was fighting against the clock was doomed to fail. 
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