Can You Guess What Country Has the Largest Population of Japanese Outside of Japan? 

Japan’s long-standing ties to Latin America and its decades-long commitment to the region’s economic development distinguish it from other East Asian nations. The first Japanese immigrants came to Brazil as a result of over-population and ended up staying to work on coffee plantations. Currently, more than 800 Japanese business entities have offices throughout Latin America, but if you include the nikkei community of ethnic Japanese who permanently relocated overseas and their descendants, that number increases to 7,000 entities. 

Around 1.6 million people of Japanese descent now live in Brazil. Japanese Brazilians are currently the largest ethnic Japanese community outside of Japan. Japanese Peruvians form another notable ethnic community in South America with a former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori, as one of the most recognizable faces. The number of Japanese descendants in Peru currently stands at approximately 90,000. 

Paraguay’s descendants of Japanese immigrants currently stand at a mere 7,000, but those fluent in Japanese are in high-demand. This is because Paraguay is recognized as having one of Latin America’s highest Japanese-language levels, which has increased the amount of job opportunities for Japanese-Paraguayans in this country. The numbers of children learning Japanese has skyrocketed and new Japanese-language schools are rapidly opening across the country.