Deciding to supplement your workforce with contingent or temporary workers comes with many benefits including: flexibility, increased labor cost saving and a broad talent pool to source from. In fact, on average, companies save up to 20-30% a year on overall costs when they hire contingent workers. It’s easy to see how and why the war for talent is so competitive, but how can you stand out to attract and retain these types of workers?

#DYK companies have saved up to 20-30% a year on overall costs with this tactic?


Below we’ve compiled ways you and your company can work to attract and win over the contingent workers you want to hire.

Develop a Clear Plan

Unlike your permanent workforce, contingent workers are there for a unique reason, usually to perform a specific task for a pre-determined length of time. You hire these workers to meet specific goals and needs. Whether this is to test out a new system, fill in during someone’s leave, or even to work on a large upcoming project, creating a plan that addresses their objectives is essential. More importantly, you need to cater to what they are looking to gain from the experience.

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Build an Effective Pipeline

Contractors are often brought on to an assignment to complete a task quickly and efficiently.  

Research indicates that the top 10% of candidates are often gone from the marketplace within 10 days. That is why it’s imperative that companies attract them while they can. In order to accomplish this, your recruitment process may need some adjusting by shortening onboarding processes and possibly using a staffing agency to help source contingent workers. Be encouraging, while also being very open about how people can find you. Make sure to enforce communication and make job requirements well known to those that are interested.

#DYK the top 10% of candidates are gone from the marketplace within 10 days? How to attract them: 

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Focus on Engaging

Just because your contingent workers aren’t permanent employees, doesn’t mean you should skip out on engaging and providing them with a great employment experience. Making sure they are engaged, and feel part of the team, is key. You may also consider a plan that would allow them to become permanent employees after their contract is complete. This will differ depending on what your company’s needs are, but simply having a plan in place can be a key asset in engagement and retention.

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Just like the workers themselves, the contingent labor market is constantly changing. Want to know more about it and see where your organization could be headed? Download our Contingent Labor Market whitepaper!

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