Budgeting Comp For A Blended Workforce

 Published on November 18, 2017 via TLNT

One of the key missions of a CHRO (or those who want to become CHROs) is to create a compensation plan. This has become increasingly complicated and dependent on other departments (like procurement) as the workforce has [...] Read More...

Pricing Jobs, Not People

 Published on March 29, 2017 via Money Inc.


Every day at our company we price jobs throughout the world for our clients. We price jobs, not people. Our clients want to know how much a java developer [...] Read More...

Are Chinese Workers Being Paid Enough? -

 Published on April 26, 2017 via ChinaCSR

A U.S.-based company PeopleTicker is expanding its salary and wage data services to China to allow employers and employees understand how they rank within wage categories.

"PeopleTicker is proud to now offer our award-winning compensation data for [...] Read More...

PeopleTicker Chairman John Sculley, the Former Apple and Pepsi CEO and a Thought Leader on the New American Workforce, Will Be the keynote speaker at


PeopleTicker Chairman John Sculley, the former Apple and Pepsi CEO and a thought leader on the New American Workforce, will be the keynote speaker at HCM Excellence Conference 2017, produced by Brandon Hall Group, the only independent research and analyst firm focused [...] Read More...

PeopleTicker Announces Dawn Tiura, CEO, Sourcing Industry Group Joining Advisory Board

Dawn Tiura, CEO Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) will be joining the Advisory Board for PeopleTicker.

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PeopleTicker, the global industry standard for compensation labor rates and benchmarking announces today the appointment [...] Read More...