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Whether you’re a global enterprise, a major corporation, or an entrepreneurial startup, PeopleTicker Consulting services and analytics tools transform benchmarks and trends into strategic insights to help solve your complex business challenges.

Data Optimization
Convert and upgrade your catalog of job titles and descriptions.

Whether it’s 50 jobs or 500, an assigned Rate Analyst will collect, analyze, and adapt all your company’s job information for offline use and within PeopleTicker’s web application. A comprehensive catalog of roles will be generated, complete with standardized job titles and job descriptions, and categorized by location, industry, and more.


Customized Rate Cards
Track all your jobs and rates in one dynamic interface.

By recreating and standardizing your company’s jobs, your users can access the complete library using our dynamic Rate Card tool. We’ll customize multiple sets of rate cards for you and deliver accurate quarterly reports of pay, bill, and markup rates for every role.


No Boundaries
Get local rates anywhere in the world.

Unlike our self-service subscriptions which currently host robust data sets for over 60 countries, a full service subscription knows no boundaries. Want to know the bill rate for a SQL Database Architect in Malaysia? Or the pay rate for a Desktop Support Specialist in the Philippines? Choose any country in the world and PeopleTicker provides the same accurate wage data, localized for any market.

In-Depth Analysis
Acquire tools for Workforce Planning.

Demand is growing for strategic insights to help guide workforce planning. With a PeopleTicker Private Labor Index, customers receive actionable data generated from extensive, hands-on research. Rate Analysts examine a specific market’s supply and demand, demographic and psychographic data, and other key factors necessary for comparing labor markets.

  • Compare rates in multiple markets anywhere in the world
  • Verify critical decisions with in-depth research and analysis
  • Identify optimal locations for deployment of personnel
  • Gain critical insights from leading industry experts

Get the support you need, and start benefiting from accurate, independent labor rates.

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