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Compensation Insights For Your Workforce

Rate Cards

As world economies fluctuate, rates and salaries are subject to change. PeopleTicker delivers the industry's only wage tool that keeps pace with such fluctuations by meeting the needs of both procurement and human resource professionals in supplying real-time data for contract labor rates and the full time salary market. With over 100 million live rates, PeopleTicker supplies straightforward facts, dynamic data and unique analysis to impact your critical buying decisions. Manage your labor spend budget by negotiating with current market rate data specific to your skill sets and geographic region.

Monthly Ticking Rate Cards

Get accurate, up-to-the-minute benchmarks, for full-time salaries and bill rates for contingent labor, in real-time.

Employee Compensation

Human Resource Compensation analysis gets a lot better with PeopleTicker. View percentiles and expertise ranges for wages across 5 levels for a complete market view.

Localized Search

Search for rates in any industry across national, regional, state or municipal levels.

Even more features

Negotiation Worksheets

Boost your negotiating power by analyzing fixed and variable costs using our exclusive Negotiation Wizard. For contingent and contract-to-hire resources you can negotiate your supplier markups by location, labor type, and supplier tier.

Global Access

Search every available city we have in the country(ies) you select. Access both annual salaries and contingent market data.

Monthly Updates

No waiting for surveys or RFP responses. Your market data is updating every month showing you current market pricing.


Create your own real-time Market Rate Cards and track market activity 24x7.


Build project teams and forecast labor costs with the Project (SOW) Cost Estimator™.

Rate & Salary Cards

Your market data for salaries and contingent rates are saved to rate and salary cards. Organize and export based on your needs.

Country Job Library

The Country Job Library organizes and consolidates all of the jobs you need in one place and gives you compensation data for each job in the countries you choose. Easily add jobs from the curated PeopleTicker Taxonomy featuring over 250,000 jobs. Each job includes title and job description, and is certified for accuracy around the world by PeopleTicker. With the Country Job Library, your team can create sub-libraries for organizing special projects like RFPs or department hires. Every library provides access to both annual base salaries as well as contingent data including pay rates, markups, and bill rates. Search every location we have in the country(ies) you select for your jobs, and you'll be able to get accurate compensation data wherever you need it.

Your PeopleTicker Job Library

Use your PeopleTicker Job Library to access market Salary and Contingent data. Ideal for Human Resources Compensation to track today's market salaries today. Procurement can avoid guessing and cumbersome RFPs to right-price staffing suppliers.

Ticking Contingent & Salary Rate Cards

Your Job Library can create Salary and Contingent Rate cards that update every month. Save time and money by never having to repeat work. Your PeopleTicker rate cards are always ticking. Full range of expertise levels included.

Enabling Procurement

From your PeopleTicker Job Library you can easily apply appropriate markups based on contract terms, location, type of labor, supplier tier etc. Use PeopleTicker's Negotiation Worksheets to research and define supplier markups and fees.

Hire Competitively in Any Market


Enhance your ability to negotiate and buy at the market rate as rates fluctuate.


Gain market visibility to retain critical staff levels and deliverable dates.


Stay informed with industry news feeds and expert analysis.

  • Access to Compensation Services including our enhanced Global Market Rate Business Report.
  • Utilize market rate data based on your job skills; while understanding the current market rates and trends.
  • Quickly adapt to market fluctuations and renegotiate the bill, pay and markup rates as needed.
  • Integrate with your MSP, VMS, or internal system to compare internal recruiting activity with market data.
  • Generate major savings to your budget and schedule.