D.N.A. = Data.Neutral.Anonymous.


The PeopleTicker has been collecting contingent rate and annual salary data from over 160 countries.

The PeopleTicker is a neutral data source not beholden to any industry group, MSP, VMS, buyer or seller of labor services.

  • Pay Rates (also known as labor rates):

    Easily the most important factor as well as the largest component of contingent labor spend. This is what the worker gets in their pocket.

  • Markups:

    See how your organization compares with market markups. We dig deeper into how your supplier breaks down their markups by understanding all tax burdens (rates and limits) by location.

  • Bill Rates:

    We provide billing rates that put all the elements together (pay rate, markups burdens, and gross profit) into the black-box “bill rate”.

  • Market Data:

    The PeopleTicker learned over ten years ago that tracking engagement data alone did not tell the whole story of the labor market. By tracking global activity for job pricing, and candidate pricing, and engagement pricing the PeopleTicker offers an unparalleled look at the labor market.


Throughout our efforts we remain totally independent and 100% objective. With no vested or potential conflict of interest, we are free to create strategies that benefit our clients. Our neutral platform provides the information necessary to:


All rate and compensation data sources are anonymous to our end users. In addition, our data partners provide data to us while preserving client anonymity for actual engagement transactions.

  • Examine market pay rates for more effective recruiting resulting in faster time to hire cycles and lower turnover.

  • Examine location specific cost structures to determine best markup strategies.

  • Benchmark market rates on demand.

  • Create benchmarks to score or create RFx bids.

  • Create an infinite number of internal rate cards or punch-outs to align with best pricing strategies per location, per supplier, per resource.

  • Engage in Shared Savings programs that are hugely beneficial to both buyer and VMS/MSP providers.

  • Realize Bill Rate reductions during a contract.