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  • People drive spend, not policy. PeopleTicker consulting services help you understand the people-driven market and how to define policies for aligning effective recruiting, spend and savings strategies at the Enterprise level.

  • The PeopleTicker is neutral. Our consulting services are aimed at assisting your organization see through the noise of partisan industry associations, and other solution providers.

  • People are paid in terms of pay rate or labor rate. Understanding market conditions for pay rates impacts time-to-fill, quality, and retention issues for your organization. People are the driving force behind your spend; the rest is a combination of pass-through costs and supplier profit.

Empower your Organization

We can help you per rate, per department, per location, per supplier, or the entire Enterprise.

  • Market Rate Analysis and rate cards created for all of your titles, descriptions, and locations.
  • Detailed insight into current market conditions and historical trends.
  • Markup definition and strategies for your locations and labor categories.
  • Identification of statutory rate reduction opportunities during labor contracts.
  • Markup strategies your suppliers and your procurement team will embrace.
  • Punch-out Rate Cards for your line buyers.
  • Easily run analysis of current punch-out rates versus current market conditions.

Empower Your Solution Provider

  • Benchmark supplier RFP responses to your organization’s optimized rate strategy.

  • Learn how a “Shared Savings” or “Gain Share” solution model can potentially shave millions per year off of current spend.

  • Enable the onsite administrator to negotiate with effectiveness. Benchmark new skills sets on-demand.

No one knows your business better than you. Your team understands the unique challenges and drivers behind your decisions. And let’s face it, you have made it this far! Our expertise is providing visibility into market rate conditions so that your team can take appropriate action when necessary to continue your drive to success.


Neutral data, neutral advice, that's all we do.

GRC - Governance, Risk, Compliance
While a critical part of any procurement program, GRC activities play no direct role in understanding people driven market pricing. Your GRC team and your solution provider should be handling this for your organization.
Workforce Modeling
Procurement and HR teams know the best approach to reach your organizations goals or directives. We believe this activity crosses the boundary of neutrality when providing a rate benchmarking solution.
Program Assessments
The effectiveness of your organization’s procurement programs are entirely up to your organization. The labor spend for these programs is a combination of tactical need and bill rates from vendors. Our role is not to grade you, our role is to help you by giving your team insight into relevant data to respond to people driven market conditions.
Sourcing and Contract Negotiations
This activity is certainly part of any procurement exercise but this activity crosses the boundary of neutrality when coming from a rate benchmark provider. Our goal is to provide your organization the data necessary to leverage sourcing and contract negotiations in your organizations favor in order to reach your goals, not the goals of the suppliers.