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PeopleTicker is more than just a people stock exchange.

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Superior Big Data Analytics

Strengthened by over 15 years of salary research – comprised of salary data from industry experts, analysts, and Managed Service Provider (MSP) / Vendor Management System (VMS) sources – our data management and analytics are unmatched in the industry today. Access the critical facts and rates impacting your buying decisions.

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Accurate rates in real-time

Stop depending on static and outdated compensation data. PeopleTicker delivers real rates in real-time, giving you a competitive advantage – now. With instant access to current salary rates, as well as expert analysis of market conditions, your company will be supported by live business intelligence that delivers immediate results.

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Significant savings in time & cost

Applying our accurate and up-to-the-minute benchmarks can help generate measurable benefits to your company's bottom line. Whether you're achieving hard savings on labor costs, avoiding time and money-draining inefficiencies, or renegotiating vendor markups, PeopleTicker administers real value for your business.


Concerned about compensation best practices? The last place you should want rates from are the companies that bill you. As the only "staffing neutral" product that delivers both contingent and salary data information; PeopleTicker provides the world's best source for pay rates, bill rates and markup customized to your job description, your industry, and your locations.

Request Demo Learn More the gig economy, we need tools that enable the people who have responsibility for recruiting the talent. …why would you want to have people dealing with opaque information at a time when data analytics can actually say, we can do better than surveys. ...the fastest way to get into a new domain is to take advantage of the strategic opportunities for talent through procurement. ...we’re going to solve a big customer problem in a unique way.
John Sculley, Former CEO at Apple / Chairman at PeopleTicker

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Client reported saving since 1998

$2.3 Billion

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Annual amount spent globally on contingent labor.

$390+ Billion

What will you pay your next hire?

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PeopleTicker empowers you to negotiate from a position of strength. Whether you use a VMS solution, partner with an MSP, or buy directly from suppliers, our system's "staffing neutral" rate benchmarking ensures you have current bill rate data for contractors, temp workers, and consultants. Expertly navigate rates to generate cost savings, manage staffing agency fees and markups, and keep your business on the right track.

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Human Resources

Staff with the candidates you want to hire and retain valued employees. PeopleTicker enables you to instantly access salary market data, generate regression analyses using custom reports, and forecast staffing costs on demand. Compare your employee salary data, or price contract labor, against the actual market ensuring you're paying the right price. With PeopleTicker, you no longer need to wait months for published surveys.

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SOW Management

CTOs and CFOs see the demand for outsourcing steadily increasing. How can you manage and protect your project costs from escalating? PeopleTicker provides the ability for you to control project labor costs, manage forecasts, and ultimately drive savings. Pinpoint precise locations from which to benchmark your project, then improve procurement efficiency and mitigate overpayment risk to your investment.

Labor rates processed since 1999:

    Our clients have gained a clear and competitive advantage for the negotiation of any contingent labor scenario.

    • PeopleTicker has helped our company save millions over the past 6 years. The first project we used PeopleTicker for we saw the savings immediately.
      We particularly like the Negotiation Wizard..

    • After we switched to PeopleTicker, we saved thousands. Nice, clean design and very easy to use application.

    • We love PeopleTicker. All members of our global procurement team use the PeopleTicker.